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I've had success with using the propane torch for annealing.
After two or three passes through the drawplate, I coil the wire so it takes on a "spring" shape.
I lay this coil sideways on my soldering pad, and under low light, play the torch over the wire using a low flame.
I watch the color change as the wire heats up, and I also try to feather the flame back and forth to thoroughly anneal the wire.
When the wire reaches the annealing temperature, it'll collapse or lose it's spring-like quality.
Stop right there, and remove the flame.
[Try to lay the coiled wire in such a way that it won't collapse and fuse upon itself.]
I let the wire cool naturally, but you can quench it after the wire cools to what is referred to as "black heat",
or when the wire no longer glows red.
It's also good practice to de-grease the wire with solvent before use.

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