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Where to get 24K gold wire for inlays?

Hey Forum:

I am a full time jeweler, and I've recently started to try inlaying gold into some practice plates. I started by using some homemade 14KY (annealed) wires, but the get such a temper to them so quickly, I'd like to try 24K. Now I am having a harder than expected time trying to get 24K gold wires for inlays. I normally use Stuller out of Lafayette, LA for all of my general small quantities of stock, but today they did not have 24K x 24 ga. wire on hand. It's the first time I've ever ordered pure gold wire, so I was amazed that they did not have it in stock. I also checked on-line with Hoover & Strong (, and it seems you have to order a huge amount to get them to ship out.

Who can offer some assistance for this? Should I also get a selection of 18K various colors, and 22KY for variations in colors?

Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions.


Mark in Nashville, TN
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