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You're handicapping yourself by working with the lower karat gold.
For practice, I'd go with Darren's suggestion on copper wire.
With gold, stay with 24 or 22 k. and order it "dead soft"

I order from Hoover & Strong, and yes they have a 5 foot min. order, but you'd be surprised how fast that gets used up.
From what I know, H&S is the source for all of the other suppliers.
The nice thing is that you can combine different gauges to fit that quota.
For me, ordering different sizes saves time rather than drawing down wire.
Should I need an in-between size, then I go to the drawplate.

I never bother with trying to figure out the cost/calculations.
Tell them what you want, and how you want it annealed.

My last order of 20ga, 22ga, and 24ga 5' gold wire, and 5' of fine silver wire
[which arrived this week] totaled $165., so it's not that expensive.
According to the invoice, 2 feet of 24ga dead soft 24kt gold wire cost $35.91 at present market price.

When you get to the point where you want to incorporate gold in your work,
I'd be happy to include your order with mine if you just need a small quantity of wire.

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