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These are just my choices.

I would carry a nice drop point blade made from a good steel like D2 or S30V with a 4 inch blade and 1/8 inch thick, if sharpening is a problem use a diamond hone as it will be if these steels are heat treated properly. Most people can't hand sharpen anyway so carry something you can sharpen with and make it diamond. I like a flat grind on my hunting knife, but that's just personal preference. A knife like this can cut up vegetables as well as dress out a deer without the big struggle a thicker knife would be and if you ever noticed, the best Chef's knives have a nice flat grind all the way to the spine or top of blade. Makes cutting chores around the camp kitchen easier.

My second knife would be a filet knife because if I'm camping I'm fishing. This knife would be about seven inches long and thin with a flat grind all the way to the spine. I don't care about flexibility so a bit stiff is my preference. I don't object to a hollow grind either on my filet knife and have made some. They tend to be stiffer than some like though. I also use D2 or S30V as both are abrasion resistant and can go through a lot of fish if properly heat treated.
Both knives would have a good sheath too. I make leather sheaths for all my knives as I like working with leather.

Just a side note, if you want to cut wood carry an axe or hatchet. No knife will do the job as well as the proper tool does.
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