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re HT 1080/15n20

hey guys to I have a small piece of Damascus that I made a long time ago and it been just sittin around so I decided to do something with its made from 1084 and 15n20 so I cant remember if I hted it I dint think I did actually but when I was drilling a hole in the tang (so I could loop a wire in it for part of the ht ) it seemed hard to drill Not quite as hard as I would suspect as if I had HT ed it but it was harder than "soft stocksteel" so I thought maybe it could have hardened a lil bit in the process of forge weling the billet togathe BUT I am not positive it was a while ago so maybe I did ht it either way I want to ht it again just so I KNOW I did it so I know with other steels you would have to go through all the annealing stages before re thing but for some reason I THINK I remember someone saying with 1084 you don't neec to do the annealing as its a forgiving steel so I remember right?? or do I have to anneal it?
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