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damon...I have carbide drills...what happened was since I don't remember hThing it I went to drill the hole (I use this hole after it comes out of oil and goes into liquicd nitrogen I slip a wire through it so I can hang the blade in the dewar) so thinking this steel was soft I went to drill that hole with a regular bit (like I do when ever its soft no need for carbide reg. bit will go right through) the regular bit started no problem then bogged down like the steel was hard. so I took a carbide bit and finished the hole but the carbide bit went though much easier and quicker than usually if its hard. AND yes I did check it with a file and between what the file did and what the drill bits did I came to the conclusion (as I said ) that its deffinitly harder than "soft" steel is but not as hard as I think it should be if HTed ANYWAy point is I think the steel is slightly hard but not as hard as I would like it and no I don't need some one else to tell me if its hard or not that was not the question the question was if I HT it again do I have to anneal it... if it was 440c or cpms35vn yeh deffintily anneal but I remember hearing that 1084 doesn't always need to be annealed
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