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440C seems like a good choice or AEB-L you can't go wrong with either as dry ice at -109 F will give it the cryo it needs. AEB-L only needs to hit -95 F for cryo and doesn't even need to soak. Both are good steels with relatively easy heat treats and are not expensive. Neither will "crack" if tempered properly.

The way I cryo'd AEB-L was to simply put the blades in one layer between two blocks of dry ice for an hour or two in my homemade 4" thick wall cooler. I did not screw around with kerosene or Heaven forbid acetone with the dry ice broken up to make a slurry and it uses too much dry ice too. Not necessary as long as my knives were not too long to fit under the blocks at 12x12 inches.
AEB-L to be at its best must have the cryo.
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